The Aspen Times and Aspen Journalism

A screen shot of a recent article in The Aspen Times that Illustrates the impact that Aspen Journalism’s work can have.

The Aspen Times and Aspen Journalism

Another screen shot of a recent article in The Aspen Times that Illustrates the impact that Aspen Journalism’s work can have.

Aspen Journalism is a local, nonprofit and investigative journalism organization in Aspen, Colorado.

Our mission is to produce investigative journalism for the benefit of people with a stake in the Aspen region, as well-informed citizens make better decisions.

Our area of interest radiates outward from Aspen to include Pitkin County, the Roaring Fork River watershed, the Western Slope, the state of Colorado, and the Colorado River basin.

We take a shoe-leather approach to investigative reporting, with an emphasis on defining a beat and staying on it, so we can develop insights and have an impact. We place a high value on attending public meetings, sharing public documents and talking to public officials. And we seek to hold public institutions accountable by comparing their actions to applicable standards, policies and laws.

While we are an independent news organization, we also work in collaboration with other news organizations, which helps us reach more citizens. After we publish our stories on the Aspen Journalism website, other news organizations are invited to publish them, without charge, under our Creative Commons guidelines.

Founded in 2011, Aspen Journalism is a member of the Colorado Press Association and the Institute for Nonprofit News.

Aspen Journalism is supported by people who appreciate the value of good local journalism and a free press.

We’re proud to be a NewsMatch participant in 2019, for the third year in a row. NewsMatch is a national campaign that encourages grassroots support for nonprofit news organizations, and it does so by matching local donations between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31.

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