Crystal Valley Trail would be built in phases

Opposition to the potential trail is strong in the Crystal River Valley, yet surveys of Pitkin County residents show support for it.

Drilling the Land of the Ancients

Oil and gas drilling on state lands within view of the Chaco Canyon visitor’s center continues to be a significant threat, according to the the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance.

Burlingame laborers sue contractors for wage theft

Both sides in the dispute acknowledge that the men were paid for some, but not all, of their work. Complicating matters, two of the contractors named in the lawsuit didn’t agree on the value of the work done by the laborers. As such, they didn’t pay the full bills of the subcontractor the laborers worked for, and that penalty got passed on down the line to the lowest rung on the ladder — the laborers.

Wagner Park closure part of larger parks program

The budget for Wagner Park improvements includes a $522,222 contract with Academy Sports Turf for the infrastructure work; $337,828 for flooring that’s designed to protect the grass during events like the Food & Wine Classic; $14,164 for unspecified “field renovation-parks portion,” and $25,786 in contingencies.