Ambulance district to ask voters for increased funding

The district was formed in 1982 by the county with a mill levy of .82. The mill levy been reduced over the years to .22 by the county’s Fenton amendment and the state’s Taxpayers Bill of Rights, or TABOR amendment, both of which reduce tax rates as property values rise.

Anatomy of a rescue in the Hunter-Fryingpan Wilderness

We were more fortunate than most to have a Mountain Rescue Aspen member within easy reach; to have trained first-aid responders on our team and among our participants; to be prepared with food, water and shelter; and to have the blessing of military veterans who managed this crisis with the best mindsets one could imagine.

Aspen runway expansion plans advance

Moving the existing runway by 80 feet to the west and widening it by 150 feet could help bring the airport up to FAA standards.