The Publisher’s Circle of Aspen Journalism

ProPublica president Richard Tofel and Aspen Journalism executive director Brent Gardner-Smith in conversation, part of the August 2019 Publisher’s Circle event.

The Publisher’s Circle is Aspen Journalism’s national council, consisting of donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually. Launched in 2019, it is a community of engaged supporters of quality journalism in the Roaring Fork Valley and of a free press generally.

Modeled after ProPublica, the nationwide nonprofit investigative news organization, Aspen Journalism believes that a free press is one of the indispensable cogs of a functioning democracy. Its mission is to produce investigative and in-depth journalism, as well-informed citizens make better decisions. The Publisher’s Circle is the core group of donors who make Aspen Journalism’s work possible.

The Publisher’s Circle will host at least two events per year (winter and summer) for its members and their guests. The inaugural event was held in August 2019 at the Aspen Meadows and featured a public event with Richard Tofel, President of ProPublica, followed by a private reception.

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T.A. Barron
Deborah Bradford
Susan Brady
Molly Brooks
Jacolyn and John Bucksbaum
Ruth Carver
Carol Craig
Sue Edelstein and Bill Spence
Dick Fallin and Dena Kaye
Ann Harvey
Hal Harvey
Mark Harvey
Muriel Harvey
Felicity Huffman
Bill Hunt
Michael Johnston
Ann Knight
Peter Looram
John and Laurie McBride
Pete McBride
Michael McVoy and Michal Brimm
Jackie Merrill and Jay Hughes
Pam Moore
Marcie and Robert Musser
Hensley and James Peterson
Bob Purvis
Sara Ransford
Barbara Reese
Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Curtis Robinson
Ford and Susan Schumann
Jill Soffer
Judith Steinberg
Flynn Stewart-Severy
Patti and George Stranahan
Harry Teague
Peter Van Domelen
Mary and Hugh Wise